For the record let me state, Taco Bell is the biggest tease ever, and people all over the nation are falling for it.

Taco Bell has announced that they will be introducing the World to a new menu item on Sunday, February 7, during their Super Bowl ad, but are you ready for the big twist? You can find out what this new amazing item is a day early if you pre-order it now on their website.

What dirty, delicious tricksters...


Curiosity getting the best of you? Are you firing up your search engine now to find the leaked Taco Bell Super Bowl ad? Don't bother, I've already tried. This is such a tightly held secret that even the actors in the ad itself didn't know what the new menu item is. Taco Bell officials said the actors held a green brick instead of the new menu dish while filming. Dirty.

Will it be a breakfast item? A new burrito concoction box? Something even more awesome than the Quesarito? I can tell you the price is $2.99, so you know it's gotta be something big. The yummy possibilities are endless!