Last Friday, I reported that an Illinois Taco Bell will become the first Taco Bell to serve alcohol. Many of you asked what kind of alcohol will be served? Well, here is your answer.

According to Thrillist, Chicago’s Wicker Park Taco Bell has been approved to serve alcohol. It’s official – your fourth meal just got better.

The restaurant will offer up:

  • Corona
  • A mystery local brew
  • Twisted Freezes - These are Frozen Beverages featuring Vodka, Tequila, or Rum.

Sounds like the perfect side to your Dorito Loco Taco.

When I posted  the story announcing the addition of alcohol, opinions seemed to differ as to whether to having alcohol at Taco Bell is a good idea. Some positive, some negative, some funny.

My favorite comment comes from Jason R:

Beer and Taco Bell... Better upgrade the plumbing



Thrillist also reports that there will not be a bar, but rather the location will have a specific alcohol counter.