What the heck does Taco Bell have up it's sleeves for Super Bowl 50?

Football, February and food all go together when you think of the Super Bowl. Of course, so do all the lavish commercials that will air before, during and after the game

This year there is word from Taco Bell, that something is coming that you don't want to miss.....and we have no idea what it is..

The world's most famous taco franchise  has announced that they would be unveiling their “biggest food creation yet”. This will be the focus of a TV commercial will air during Super Bowl 50!

Taco Bell says:

“This is the first time in [blank] history that a [blank] and [blank] are coming together—and it’s happening on [blank],”

The statement goes on to say:

This is the first time in redacted_spacer_001 history that a redacted_spacer_001 and redacted_spacer_001 are coming together – and it’s happening on redacted_spacer_001. For those who can’t wait until redacted_spacer_001 to try the redacted_spacer_001 Taco Bell is inviting fans to join in the excitement by redacted_spacer_001 the redacted_spacer_001 on Ta.co starting February redacted_spacer_001. To the delight of redacted_spacer_001-lovers everywhere, redacted_spacer_001 will be available February redacted_spacer_001 days redacted_spacer_001

What the hack is supposed to go into the blanks? My growling stomach wants to know now, but will probably have to wait until the big game to find out

Please share your ideas and predictions.