If you live in Illinois, I'm assuming you're pretty familiar with one of the 5 Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, but what about the other 4?

How Much Do YOU Know About the Great Lakes?

Geography is most definitely NOT my strong suit, but I do know there are 5 massive bodies of water that make up the Great Lakes, and that they are shared by the United States and Canada.

I will also admit that sometimes I forget that three other lakes exist because my mind only focuses on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. (Ignorant, I know).


Surprising Great Lakes Facts

We all know that the Great Lakes are huge, but today I learned just how big Lake Superior really is...

Did you know all FOUR of the other Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Hurie, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario) PLUS three more lakes the size of Lake Erie could fit INSIDE Lake Superior?!?

Did you also know that the water in Lake Superior could cover both North and South America in one foot of water if it was spread out? WOW!

Here are some more fascinating Great Lakes facts I found courtesy of funworldfacts.com;

  • Lake Michigan is the only one of the 5 Great Lakes that is located entirely in the United States. It is also the world's largest freshwater lake that is located in one country.
  • There are 30,000 shipwrecks within the Great Lakes, and over 30,000 sailors have lost their lives in the lakes.
  • The Great Lakes contain 35,000 islands. One of the islands on Lake Superior, called Isle Royale, has several smaller lakes within it. Basically, they are lakes on a lake. 
  • Lake Michigan has its own version of the Bermuda Triangle called the Michigan Triangle. 
  • Babe Ruth's first professional homerun hit took place at a baseball stadium in Toronto. The ball landed in Lake Ontario and has never been found. 

Need even more fascinating Great Lakes facts to impress your friends with? Show them this...

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