Illinois just keeps surprising residents with some awesome entertainment.  Now, they're introducing Superkarts in the city of Chicago this Summer.

I used to love Go-Karts when I was younger.  Sometimes I would get really upset because I'd get the slowest kart and just be cruising along while all my friends were dashing past me at 10x the speed.  So, maybe I have to redeem myself and take a ride on a Superkart in Chicago this Summer!



These aren't just Go-Karts, these are SUPERKARTS.  While I write this, I'm literally on the website booking my Superkart experience (lol).  It's just that tempting to book!

Each ride offers:

  • Speeds up to 25mph
  • Colorful LED Lighting
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Storage Space
  • Extended Battery
  • 360° GoPro Video

You can book your rides with friends, a date (which sounds SO fun!), and your entire family on the Superkarts Chicago website.  Rides begin on May 1st and go through August 31st, but you can start booking now!

You can choose a date night package, single ride packages, or even group rides!  Take your cruise at night time for an experience you'll never forget.

They even offer Cruisebikes, they also look equally as fun, you're just higher up off the ground to see the city a little better!

These bikes get up to 22mph, PLUS:

  • Colorful LED Lighting
  • Bluetooth Speaker 
  • Storage
  • Phone Mount
  • Cup Holder 

I suggest getting your reservation in soon because from all the talk on Facebook and Instagram, this attraction is going to fill up FAST.  You only have the Summer to experience these SUPER cool rides in the heart of Chicago.

Check out available dates here.

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