To me, one of the hardest things about planning a wedding is to make sure all the little details feels like "you". From the theme and colors, to the decorations, and even the cake; the goal for most couples is to add a little of their personalities to one of the biggest days of their life.

Well, over the weekend, one Rockton couple named Greg and Cassandra Clark did one heck of a job incorporating their personality into their wedding day, despite all the villains life was throwing at them.

Super Heroes Save The Day!

First it was the COVID-19 pandemic that was trying to take down Greg and Cassandra's wedding, and just when they thought they had overcome that evil, in swoops in the devastating Chemtool fire in Rockton and the blanket of smoke that came along with it.

Did Greg and Cassandra fall victim to their foes on the way to the aisle? Nope! They pulled off their wedding in the coolest way super heroes!

Let me give you a little background on how I learned about Greg and Cassandra's heroic tale...

I went to school with Greg although he was a few years older than me. His younger sister was in my class, and I know we have many mutual friends. Another high school friend of mine who owns Angel Baby Cakes, (which are AWESOME), posted this over the weekend, and once I saw who she made this supertastic cake for, I did some Facebook stalking. (Don't judge me, you know you do it too).


My stalking session proved that the groom was in fact fellow J-Hawk alum Greg Clark (a.k.a. Ironman), and rumor has it his wife is really Captain America! The Clark's wedding party and guests were also all dressed as super heroes too!


Greg and Cassandra's unique wedding was even covered by WIFR who were able to uncover the inspiration for their special day. The couple said they used to watch Marvel movies together all the time when they first started dating, so having this particular theme for their special day was a perfect fit.

Congratulations Greg and Cassandra! Here's hoping you have a lifetime of happiness...with far less stress!



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