The weather predictions for this summer can be summed up with two very nasty words, and I am not happy.

When looking at the nation wide 2015 summer weather outlook from Farmers' Almanac, one will see the words "Muggy and Thundery" lying above our region. YUCK! Mugginess is the devil. There are few things I despise more than muggy days. You get my point. I hope this is just a cruel joke.

I hate the Farmers' Almanac being right more than I hate when my husband is right, and I am wrong. It also pains me to admit that their track record for the last few years has been pretty much spot on.

  • They predicted the winter of 2013 would be super C-O-L-D, and they nailed that.
  • They predicted the summer of 2014 would be “oppressively humid, wet, and thundery.”  Check.
  • They predicted the winter of 2015 would see above average snow fall for most of the nation and very cold temps. Yep. Our friends on the East coast super hate the Farmers' Almanac right now.

I see the phrase "unsettled conditions" used a lot in their long range forecast for the Midwest from May to June. Dislike big time. This region has seen enough severe weather already.

Since I don't like negative thoughts, I have now decided my mantra for this summer will be: Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.