We made our way into downtown Roscoe on Sunday for "Fall Festival Parade" and there was nothing fall weather about it. The sun was beating down, the heat was kicking and it's not going anywhere, anytime soon.


Just as the Rockford area starts hoarding Apple Cider Donuts, and eating everything PUMPKIN SPICE, the weatherman is sayin' hold up people don't put the shorts away yet!


Today peaks out at 84 degrees and the heatwave continues all week long, but what about flannel shirts and stocking caps while smells Pumpkin Spice Candles? Keep it all in your closet this week, people.

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So to help you properly plan your week, I present to you a non-pumpkin spice forecast:

Joey Marino

Fall is officially September 22nd, and you know how that works in the Rockford area. It arrives, then it's October...all the pumpkin stuff, Halloween and then we start bitchin' about Rockford winters.


Nothing but summer weather ahead folks:

  • Monday 84
  • Tuesday 87
  • Wednesday 80
  • Thursday 85
  • Friday 87
  • Saturday 90
  • Sunday 90

This could lead us into some nice beer drinking weather on October 2nd for BEER CON at Don Carter Lanes! GET TICKETS HERE.

So get out this week and soak up the sun, the plows and crappy driving will be on the road before you know it.

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