Well, it looks like they want to play. Today, parents and advocates of student athletes plan to file a lawsuit to pressure Illinois lawmakers and educators to re-open schools so fall sports can begin.

In the minds of parents, student athletes, and those who advocate for student athletics, is the fact that other states are allowing high school sports. Those critical of Governor Pritzker's handling of the pandemic are demanding that the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) "abide by its own rules," regardless of where Pritzker stands on the issue.

Advocates are hoping that by pressuring Illinois lawmakers and educators schools will re-open so fall sports can begin.

With public schools around the state cancelling fall sports in favor of moving them to spring, parents of student athletes are saying that that decision will hurt students’ chances of getting sports scholarships.

Governor Pritzker has thus far rejected their efforts, citing expert opinions that there is still too much risk of further spreading COVID-19.

Supporters of the lawsuit that will be filed today hope the pressure on the Illinois High School Association translates to game time on the field. The plan is to file that lawsuit in DuPage County on today. The parents filing it plan to seek class-action status on behalf of all high school student athletes in Illinois.

According to a press release issued by the group, Illinois is one of 10 states not playing all fall sports. Football, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading and field hockey have been halted in the state, while golf, cross country, girls tennis and girls swimming continue to be played.

The IHSA, for its part, says that it is aware of the lawsuit, but says that no comments would be forthcoming until the IHSA has read through the entirety of the suit. Expectations are that a judge will hear the case on Wednesday.

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