Here it is the middle of May, the weather's warming up  and you know what that means, SHORTS and SWIMSUIT SEASON!

Are you cringing at the thought of dragging out you summer clothes and trying them on?Are you thinking "I need to lose a few pounds"?

Face it, temptation is all around us with tasty cool ice cream treats, to fruity drinks, to sitting out back on the deck back having a few beers or glasses of wine with friends.

Want to know the secret to Stopping those craving and shedding a few pounds? A Good Mood.I know, you're probably thinking like I did "Really? That's all it takes?

Well according to Men's Health, your mood affects what you eat. They found that if your in a good mood, you will either not eat any of those bad snacks or will choose a healthier version. If we are in a bad mood, we tend to grab for things that are tasty but calorie and fat filled because they give us immediate gratification.

So the next time I start to reach for that candy bar or chips I better think about what mood I'm in.




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