Good news wine drinkers!

If you drink wine at night, right before bed, it will help make you skinny.

I know it sounds to good to be true, but check this out!

I read this in an article from Total Sorority Move that the chemical reservatrol that's found in wine stops your fat cells from gaining more fat in your body. Which means it will help keep you skinny.

Now if your thinking OK, how much wine does that mean I can drink just a small four ounce glass.?? Heck no. It means you can drink two glasses of wine a day and it will fight obesity (getting fat) by 70%.

Alright! That's a half a bottle of wine. I'm good with that aren't you?

So now I bet your thinking why should I drink it at night? Right?

Well according to this articles research, the calories we get from drinking wine are the kinds of calories we want because drinking wine keeps you full which means we're less likely to snack. A glass of wine is 150 calories, I  think I'd like to waste calories on a glass of wine than one of those low fat snack packs wouldn't you?

So pop that cork, fill that glass, and cheers to becoming skinny!

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