This is so awesome of a story that it has to be shared.

Stillman Valley Firefighter will be gathering soon in a walk to honor  and remember a fallen soldier and friend, Marine Alec Catherwood.

Alec Catherwood graduated from Byron High School in 2009. A week after he graduated he joined the Marines.

Gretchen Catherwood, Alec's Mother, told WREX News that a year after joining he was sent to Afghanistan where Alec was killed in action just three weeks after arriving.

Gretchen said that she "wanted to do something for all the veterans coming home. She wants to build a lodge in Tennessee where military men and women can be together. It's called Darkhorse lodge. To raise money for it they are holding a walk around the nation. Each team is going to walk 100 miles combine.

This where the Stillman Valley Firemen come into play as their group will be walking for Alec.

According to Dustin Champlain, firefighter and friend of Alec's, "We'll be starting here at Stillman Fire where Alec is a honorary fire fighter. We are going to go to Weld Park which is south of Stillman Valley that's where we used to hang out as kids, That was our hang out spot. Then we will be going by his old house and we will be ending at the cemetery where he is buried."

The walk is November 6th. To learn more about the walk, click here.

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