More accidents happen on morning commutes everyday. People just aren't paying as much attention anymore. According to, it was a very sticky situation on eastbound Interstate I-80/94 this morning. It happened right around the Calumet  A semi truck carrying 41,000 pounds of honey overturned and ended up all over the highway. The driver of the semi's front axle gave way and it caused him to lose control and then the truck rolled over.

The wreck turned traffic into a standstill. As of now, three eastbound lanes have been shutdown for cleanup. Westbound lanes are still crawling as well do to all the rubberneckers. They are saying if you're heading that way you might want to try an alternate route like U.S 30, U.S 6, Ridge road or even the Indiana Toll road. Honey is an extremely sticky substance, I wonder how they are going to get it off the roadways. Now thats going to be a tough job.

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