Picture this. It's Monday morning and your alarm goes off.

You: A. Spring out of bed with a smile. B. Grunt roll over and hit the snooze. Or C. Mumble and groggily roll out and stumble your way to the shower.

If you answered B or C, I'm right there with you. Mornings are tough, especially Monday mornings. Want to know the secrets to starting your day off right?Check out these tips from BuzzFeed.com.

1. Drink a glass of cold water. This is to help rev up your metabolism. Interesting.

2. Steam your clothes by hanging them in the bathroom while you shower.

3. Prepare your clothes at the being of the week. I typically lay mine out the night before. A full week might be a bit of difficult task.

4. Position your alarm clock that it forces you get up and out of bed to turn it off.

5. Have an alarm that is set for a gentle awake. Mine is set for that. I can't stand blaring alarms.

6. For the winter months, spray your windshield with a vinegar and water solution, the night before, to prevent frost from forming. Interesting idea.

7. Brush your teeth in the shower. Hmmm. I don't think so. This just seems gross to me.

8. Use dry shampoo if not enough time to shower. Showers are the only thing that wake me up sometimes.

9. Place your wallet/ purse, keys, work bag next to the door with your shoes.

10. Create a playlist that is exactly the right amount of time needed to get ready. Or if your like me listen to the Wake Up Crew. I know I'm late if I hear the Song of Day and my hair isn't done yet.

Several of these are good tips to know and use. Still not to keen on the teeth brushing in the shower though.

I'll try anything to not be rushing out the door and get my day started on the right foot rather than the wrong one. Wouldn't you?



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