Star Wars fans, today is your holiday! Since 1978, May the fourth has been recognized as the unofficial Star Wars holiday.

Let's celebrate by and we're celebrating by taking a look at some Star Wars facts you might not know. ABC-TV uncovered these tidbits

  • Before the film's release, George Lucas showed an early cut of A New Hopeto director friends Brian De Palma, John Milius and Steven Spielberg. All of them, including Lucas, felt the film was a disappointment with the exception of Spielberg, who thought it was bound to be a hit.
  • A New Hope is the only Star Wars film ever to be nominated for Best Picture.
  • In each Star Wars film, the line "I have a bad feeling about this" is spoken by one of the characters.
  • Most of the Stormtroopers are left-handed because their blaster, based on a real weapon, had its magazine on the left side. To prevent the magazine from bumping themselves in the chest, many of the right-handed actors switched the gun to their left hand.
  • Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) was never intended to also voice his character until post-production. Originally, 3PO was meant to sound like a "used-car salesman," but Lucas grew to like the "snooty British butler" voice Daniels had created.
  • During the filming of Star Wars: A New Hope, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was working as an orderly in a London hospital when not donning the hairy suit.
  • When Luke is trapped inside the wampa's cave and uses the force to retrieve his lightsaber, the effect was achieved by having Mark Hamill toss the lightsaber away until it stuck in snow. Afterward, the film was reversed.

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