Who knew giving a suitcase to someone could be so entertaining?

Ladies and gentlemen, please bow before Kim Moo-sung, a 65-year-old South Korean politician who arrived at an airport in Seoul recently and made himself a viral star when he glibly pushed his suitcase to an assistant who was waiting for him.

Does he look entitled? Obnoxious? Pompous? You could definitely say that. And what makes it even more so is the fact Kim doesn't give a hoot what you may think about his smug move. "I just saw my aide and gave (my luggage) to him," he said, reports Esquire. "Why should I explain? I do not really care,"

Britain's Independent further quoted the seemingly bombastic Kim as saying, "I do not see what the problem is. Reporters should mind their own business or other important news."

Yikes! And you thought Donald Trump and the body-slamming Montana politician Greg Gianforte were the only politician who had no patience for the media.

You know you want to see it again, so here is Kim and his swagger in glorious GIF form:

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