An amazing story and another testimony to have your pets 'micro-chipped'. Here's the story.
A state food and agriculture inspector performing a routine check on a U-Haul trailer was surprised to discover a stowaway cat that had apparently hitched a ride all the way from South Carolina.

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CBS reports that Riverside County Animal Services officials are coordinating a return flight for 'Kevin', an orange tabby that managed to crawl inside the U-Haul trailer for a cross-country ride all the way to Riverside County.

After the dehydrated cat was spotted during a search of the U-Haul trailer, he was taken to the Blythe Animal Shelter, where workers found he had a microchip identifying the owner -- Cheryl Walls of Anderson, S.C.

According to Riverside County officials, Walls adopted Kevin from a shelter in June 2013, and one day that fall, she let him go outside. Kevin had been outside before and always returned, but this time he never came home.

It's another happy ending made possibly by pet owners who care and love enough to have a micro-chipped pet.