Last Saturday The Cadillac Ranch in Bartlett held it's 'last dance' to packed crowd. So what's next?

As we reported here, the Cadillac Ranch announced on March 16th on it’s Facebook page  that it would be closing it’s doors after 25 years.under the 'Cadillac Ranch' name. Speculation ran rampant as to what would happen to the once popular suburban country music and line dancing establishment. Now we know.

The good news is that the former Cadillac Ranch will stay country with a few changes. The bar will re-open in April with a focus on "new" country music and expand it's live music. Gone will be 'older' country hits and line dancing.

You'll be less likely to hear Alabama, Reba and Garth at the new venue, but more likely to hear Carrie, Luke and Florida Georgia Line.

The bar will feature 'young country' live acts on Fridays and will also have more seating.

Corporate General manager Jim Earley told the The Daily Herald

There's a whole new genre out there, and that's new country, and there's a crowd out there that would never go to the Cadillac Ranch with the couples dancing and older music.

The club is also holding a contest to find new name and is looking to it's customers for ideas.

The Cadillac ranch is owned by Ala Carte Entertainment.

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