We've heard the rumors all week that our first big snow fall of the season is coming this weekend, but now it looks like the rumors have turned into facts, and we need to be prepared!

With a Winter Storm Watch in effect for the Stateline area from 6 p.m. on Friday through Noon on Saturday, and a snow accumulation of 4-7 inches expected, the wisest thing to do this weekend would be to stay home where it's safe and warm. Personally, all this snow anticipation is pushing my desire to begin Christmas decorating into overdrive, but I'm not sure I want to break my cardinal rule of decorating before Thanksgiving.

If you would like to spend your snow day in some other way than a Netflix watching marathon on the couch (although that does sound fabulous), here's some things you could do to keep yourself, and more importantly the kids, entertained this weekend.

Or...get crafty and try one of these super easy holiday projects:





Hopefully that's enough ideas to get you started on an fun-filled snowy weekend. Stay safe and warm, my friends!