Sure, we hear about recalls all the time, but you've got to admit that the words "amputation hazard" are not usually associated with most product recalls.

You'll see things like choking hazard, possible eye injury, E-coli, listeria, and other descriptions used in recall announcements, but rarely does the potential loss of limbs enter the scene.

Until now, of course.

Before you get the idea that every single snow blower on the market today is being recalled, let's point out that they're not. The snow blower we're talking about here is the 2021 Toro Power Max 826 OHAE Snowthrower with model number 37802.

I popped over to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website for some details--mainly to see if anyone has been subject to amputation after using one. Happily, it turns out that everyone who has used one (and given the winter we've been having, I'll bet that number is pretty high) has walked away with all of their body parts intact.


The firm has received five reports of incidents related to auger failing to disengage when the control lever is released. No injuries have been reported.

As you might imagine, both Toro and the Consumer Product Safety Commission say that if you have one of these snow blowers, you should discontinue using it immediately, and then get in touch with an authorized Toro dealer for free repair.

You can call Toro toll-free at 833-254-8856 to access the 24-hour Toro Dealer locator system, or online at to locate a Toro authorized service dealer here in the Rockford area.


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