Don't wait too long to see one! If you do, they will be gone.

Bird watchers be advised, we've heard reports that Snipe Birds are running (not flying) at Afton Forest Preserve in DeKalb County. At least one has been spotted, and more are expected at forest preserves around the area, this weekend. These birds are so cute!

What makes this time so special is that running snipes are very young birds that just left their nest and have not started flying, yet, but soon will gain that ability. It's a rare opportunity to gain an up close experience and a chance to take an up close photo.

As a human, you can attract a snipe simply by making a "Click-Click-Bob-White" sound. The best time to attract one is around dusk.

Listen to an example HERE

You can also attract a Snipe by crumpling paper (not plastic) bags. Plastic bags will frighten them.

Some people recommend banging two rocks together to get the snipe's attention. They will often hear that and run right over to you.

Happy Snipe hunting!

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