Steve Summers and I need reasons to smile this morning, because we are a hurtin'.

Steve has heartburn from a weekend full of abundant eating and drinking, and I was eaten alive Saturday night at a cookout in my backyard. So, now that we are curing our ails with peppermint candy (Steve), and a hot spoon on my mosquito bites (just counted 15 on one leg), we are ready for something to turn these frowns upside down. These should do the trick...

First up, my choice, because we totally had an amazing photo session with Ella when she was first born. Our pics turned out almost as cute as this: Newborn photo shoot starring a dog .

Now, for Steve's choice. He has a sick and twisted sense of humor, and I like it. Lol! If you think your friends stink at times, it could be worse: 23 of the worst friends ever.

Smiles achieved? We certainly hope so! Have a great day.