I came across this last night when scanning through facebook, and I thought it was interesting.

Our sleeping positions can tell a lot about who we are.

My typical sleep position is the Fetal or Yearner or a cross between the two.

According to this article that means the Fetal means that I have a tough exterior, but on the inside they are very shy and sensitive.

The Yearner means that I can be a little suspicious of people and are often very cynical. Yearners are also very slow at making decision, but once their mind it made up about something they stick to it.

Hmm...Well it's kind of right about me. It's true, that I can be shy and sensitive but I really don't think I have a hard exterior. Or do I? Also, it's right about the decision making process for me on certain things (usually life altering ones). Yet, once my mind is made up there's no stopping me.

So how about you? Do wake up to find yourself lying in the same position every morning? Take a look at the 6 most common sleeping positions and see if it describes who you are.