Imagine standing in a glass box more than 100 stories in the air. Imagine you're standing there and the glass below cracks... this is my nightmare.

A woman and two kids were enjoying the popular Skydeck at Willis Tower when they suddenly turned ghostly white. The protective glass floor below them cracked into a million piece. A witness told CBS 2 Chicago that's all it took for her to decide against the $24 view.

I’m scared of heights in general so when I saw that happen, I was like nope, not going on.

Apparently when that glass cracks as it did at that moment, you're safe? That's why Willis Tower's people told CBS 2.

...No one was ever in danger, because the protective layer did what it was supposed to.

Another incident like this took place in 2014, which is just enough information to reaffirm my unwillingness to ever check it out. Click here to see a picture of the shattered floor of Willis Tower's Skydeck.

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