Here's one more reason you need to go to Six Flags Great America this season. Opening this Saturday, August 13th, the classic roller coaster the Demon will become a virtual reality coaster.

Yes you will ride all the while wearing virtual reality goggles. As the Demon will now be "The Rage of the Gargoyles" for a limited time this summer.


Wow! How cool is that. I hope it's much better than the Justice League 4-D ride. I didn't like it and it made me dizzy in some spots as it honestly looked blurry through the special glasses you have to wear. Or at least I thought so. Besides I never do well in those rides where you have to shoot targets. I'm constantly squeezing the trigger but still score low.

I so want to ride this. Hmmm... maybe this weekend might be the time to try it. Hey, I have a season pass so if I have a wait a while and that's the only ride I ride, I'm ok with that.

Would you ride it?



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