In the Midwest, we are no strangers to rough weather.  Whether it's 100-degree days with high humidity during the summer months or the deep freeze that comes after a heavy snowstorm, we have to be prepared for everything.

Severe storms, derechos, even a haboob? No one can be 100 percent sure of what can happen but there could be a few signs of what to look out for.

Barometric Pressure Drop

Do you have that aunt who could always tell when a "good snow was-a-comin" by the way her knee would swell up?  There was something about the barometric pressure that usually drops then there's less pressure on your body from the air. This may make your tendons, muscles, joints, or scar tissue swell, leading to pain. No matter what the temperature, changes in barometric pressure make some people hurt more" or so says WebMD.


More Traditional Approach

Aunt Judy's snow knee has some scientific evidence as to why she can predict the weather.  Other people put weight into a more "traditional" approach, like caterpillar's fuzz designs or finding spiders inside.

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You may remember Farmer's Almanac, first published in 1793.  It contains planting schedules, astronomical tables, astrological lore, recipes, and stories but is most known for its weather forecasts.

Farmer's Almanac/
Farmer's Almanac/

I'm not sure I want to take the word of a magazine that literally has a hole punched in it to (not kidding) hang in the outhouse but there is always wisdom we can learn from looking backward.

Some people rely on their favorite weather team and smartphone apps.  Who needs them?  Let's see what signs you can look out for just by paying attention to mother nature.

Signs a Long Hard Winter is Ahead

Have you seen any "evidence" of a harsh winter ahead? Let's take a look at some Midwest folklore stories that could predict how early or rough our winter will be.

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