My son is immune compromised. He lost his spleen due to a football injury a few years ago. We have a couple very scary moments in the hospital, since then, that he has been very sick and unable to fight a virus has effectively as other people can.

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus became a definite threat to to all of us, especially people like my son, I have been staying home with him. My husband is the only one who goes out for supplies and an occasional job. When my husband comes home, he takes his clothes off, puts them in the washer so they can be sanitized and he then gets in the shower. We are taking great precautions to make sure we are keeping our son safe.

Not everyone understands our need to keep others and things away from him. He doesn't even really understand. He is seventeen, incredibly angry and frustrated, like the res of us, about our current life changing situation.

Whether you or someone in your house is immune compromised, a cancer patient, has chronic respiratory illness or any other medical condition that requires extra precaution during this time, here are some printable signs you can hang on your front door so that neighbors, family members, delivery people, mail persons and others will STOP at your front door. The signs will help others understand your need for self isolation and extreme social distancing.

Gatoe Bait Gear/Facebook
Karissa Booze/Facebook

The other signs can be found through this Facebook post from Gator Bear Gear. Simply click on the sign that applies, save it as a Word document, and print.