Starbucks is making news once again for adding a new and unusual item to their menu.

Should it Come to Rockford would you try it?

Soooo... what is it?

Well.... before I go further I must warn you this new item isn't a fruity, frothy drink.

It's sushi.

Yes I said sushi.


According to Business Insiderthe coffee giant is adding to select Chicago and Seattle stores sushi burritos.

Before you wrinkle your nose these sushi burritos aren't made with the typical fish, but that of chicken.

Hmm... Ok I'm still listening. It's basically like a chicken wrap. Except this chicken wrap is rolled up in seaweed.

This is what it contains: "sushi burrito is a chicken maki roll stuffed with sushi rice, chicken, cucumber, pickled cabbage, onion, and avocado, drizzled with tomatillo salsa and lime crema, all wrapped in nori (seaweed)".

You know I wouldn't mind trying this. It all sounds good up to the seaweed wrapping but if it blends well I bet it wouldn't be too bad.

What do think?

Oh and by the way the company says that if the sushi burritos do well in Chicago and Seattle, we will be seeing in other stores, including Rockford.

So who's ready for some Starbucks Sushi?


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