Pandemonium has officially hit Starbucks Target stores everywhere for one reason only, a new pink Stanley cup.

Starbucks Stanley Cup Insanity

If heading to Target is on your to-do list for today, be forewarned, obsessive Starbucks fans may still be on the loose and should be avoided.

I'm going to flaunt how uncool I am right now, but I couldn't help but shake my head when I saw posts like this come across my social media feed this morning...

I also saw posts and TikToks talking about how grown adults are fighting over these cups and harassing employees. I even saw one talking about how people are dragging their children to this craziness just to stretch the "one cup per person" rule. One post actually said; "I've got my baby in a stroller, and a baby is a person so they should get a cup too."

Seriously. What am I missing here? This craziness is happening in Rockford too...

Is the Starbucks Stanley Cup Worth the Craziness?

If you were one of the brave souls waiting in line for this special Starbucks Stanley cup, I truly mean no disrespect, but please explain to me why it was worth the Black-Friday-circa-2006-camping-outside-Best-Buy behavior.

I like Starbucks and Stanley cups, but I sure as heck wouldn't wait or camp in the cold just to get one.

Is it because you are that in love with anything Starbucks?

Are you hoping for a resale payday?

How did I miss the memo that this special Starbucks/Stanley collaboration was coming?  I don't get it.

How to Get a Pink Starbucks Stanley Cup

If you're just learning about this magic pink Starbucks Stanley cup, and now you want one too, they are only available at Target Starbucks stores, BUT you are likely out of luck unless you want to spend a LOT of money for one.

People are already re-selling them on Facebook Marketplace and other online resale sites for major bucks in case you're interested.


My mind is officially blown.

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