Several counties in Florida are implementing an animal abuser registry. Should Illinois require the same of those caught abusing animals to sign a registry?

ABC7 picked up a story from Florida where the state is considering a law that requires those convicted for animal cruelty and abuse to register on an animal abuse registry. This registry is much like that required for sex offenders and abusers.

This online database would be a helpful "tool [to be] used by shelters and breeders to help make sure pets find good homes."

Currently, animal shelters in Lee County Florida "use a 'Do not adopt' list to check on animal abuse convictions." However, a "database would make the process go a lot smoother if an animal abuse registry system is implemented."

It appears right now that this registry is left up to each county to decided upon using as it hasn't become a state mandate yet. Many "dog owners hope the idea becomes law everywhere."

There's nothing that I hate more than those that abuse children, is those that abuse animals. Personally,I think it should be nationwide, and yes Illinois should adopt such a policy.

What do you think about it?



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