Illinois really is a state of many different ideas. I've often heard people say anything south of I-80 could be considered a different state. Well, a new referendum is trying to make that happen.

Over the last few years there has been a growing population in many counties outside of Cook County that want to separate Chicago & Illinois. Citing differences in opinions on gun rights, abortions, and taxation to name a few. This year a referendum is expected to be on a few ballots that'll let them decide.

The referendum for Fayette County, Illinois states, "Shall Fayette County collaborate in discussions with the remaining 101 counties of the state of Illinois, with the exception of Cook County, the possibility of forming a new state and ultimately seeking admission to the federal union as the 51st state, pursuant to the provisions of the United States Constitution." This according to Fox 2.

The movement is still relatively new but Fayette, Jefferson, and Effingham are among some of the counties trying to push for the referendum to pass. There is even a Facebook Group supporting the decision and explaining why they believe it's the best decision for their county.

If the other counties want to separate Cook County from the rest, would you be on board? Tell us in the comments!


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