Early Sunday morning shots were fired at employees at this Madison radio station.

The Journal Sentinel reports that around 3AM Sunday morning, "a man wearing a mask and hood entered the station and opened fire on three workers." 

"The volunteers ducked and ran into the master control room. They hid in the music library and called 911."

One of the DJ's was injured during the shooting. Thankfully his injury was non-life threatening and he was treated and released form the hospital.

At this time, it is unclear who this person was, why they did this and even " how the suspect entered the building, as there were no signs of forced entry. WORT said they will be tightening security. Officials are still investigating the incident."

Umm, yeah I think tighter security is needed pronto.

Here is a statement the radio station, WORT, released on their Facebook page:

Yikes! This is something that I hate to read, because honestly, it's always in the back of my mind.

I'm very aware that being in the media can make you a target for one reason or another. I'm cautious and try to always be aware of my surroundings whenever I'm out.

I'm glad that this didn't turn out worse than what it could have been.







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