Parents if you have children please take heed to this police warning about the WhatsApp "MoMo Challenge".

ABC7 reports that police around the world have taken a serious look into a creepy looking character "MoMo" that is part of a "disturbing, violent internet challenge that could be encouraging children to take their own life."

The MoMo Challenge recently popped up a few weeks ago and is rapidly gaining attention with kids with access to internet.

"The challenge asks the user to add and contact someone called "Momo". They then send a barrage of frightening images and violent messages encouraging violence or suicide."

This creature, MoMo, "invites those who see her to write to her through WhatsApp.”If you don't respond to her "Momo threatens to appear in the night or lay a curse on the users."(WTVO)

See the creepy image of MoMo in the tweet below. (I know this tweet is in Spanish, but at least you have an idea of what it looks like and what to look for with your kids digital devices.)

This challenge has been linked to being "passed around primarily through WhatsApp and Facebook." 

Although, it is under investigation, police in Argentina believe that that the death of 12 year girl could be because of this MoMo Character and the challenge.

"The girl apparently filmed herself prior to hanging herself from a tree in her backyard. Authorities think someone encouraged her to kill herself." (WTVO)

This is so sad. Someone could entice a child to think she's better off dead.

What on earth? Why?

"Authorities aren't sure of the perpetrators' motive, " they suspect that "criminals can use the 'game' to steal personal information or even incite users to commit suicide or violence, investigators add."

Geeze, this is so creepy and scary. Just looking at that picture is unnerving, let alone knowing what this challenge is doing or brewing up with young people today.




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