Remember when we used to go places? I sure do.

Remember when you'd head into Chicago for the day just to see some stuff? I remember that too.

Well, there's no reason why we can't right now but just to be on the safe side most of us haven't been traveling or going on road trips.

If I were to go on a road trip into Chicago, there's a very good chance at some point I'd end up at The Bean.

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It's an Instagram hotspot and probably one of the best places in Chicago to capture that "I'm here visiting" pic that everyone is looking for on social media.

Jokes aside, I should probably reconsider heading to The Bean because apparently it's Illinois' worst attraction according to Matt Shirley.

Shirley devotes a lot of time, probably too much, creating maps and graphs on his uber-popular Instagram.

Just recently, Shirley asked his followers what the worst attraction in their state is, and after 30,000 responses he laid out the worst for every state in America.

Wisconsin Dells was named the worst attraction for Wisconsin. Huh? I can't understand this list. Both, The Dells and The Bean are very popular so what makes them the worst? Probably the popularity.

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