It isn't often that a toilet gets so much attention. Now, the Rockford Police need your help to find a toilet that is a color you don't see often in your house. 

WREX-TV had a story about a fundraiser that the Rockford Police were participating in that involved a "Barney" colored toilet.

The theme is "Flushing Out Domestic Violence". For a small fee, you could pay to have this purple toilet sitting on your friends lawn. Then they would have to pay it forward by donating to the cause and then sending the toilet to another home.

It is a great idea. But, someone decided that they wanted to keep the toilet for themselves. It was placed on the West side of Rockford yesterday afternoon and now it is gone.

According to the article:

"Someone probably thought they were being funny, but we'd appreciated them bringing our toilet back," said Sgt. Mary Ogden, who is heading up the fundraiser."

There is another toilet that is in use (not figuratively), but there is a waiting list for homes that people are willing to use. The Rockford Police will not press any charges if the person returns the prop.

I really like this idea. Why do people always have to ruin the fun. If you know who took the toilet, please have them return it. It is a great cause and the money will help.