One of the greatest things in life is when they simplify something and make it easier. For me, I dreaded going grocery shopping. Having my list as I walked around, trying to make sure I stayed under budget, making sure not to buy impulse buys or buying something only to get home and realize I still had a full thing of sour cream in the back of the fridge. I started using the online tool that allows you to buy your groceries online, go to the store and have them loaded up for me. Not going to lie, has made my life so much easier.

Now Schnucks wants to get in on the curbside pickup game. Starting today a few different Rockford locations will be offering this service according to WTVO. You can schedule your time for pickup and just call when you get there and they take care of the rest. I don't have kids, so the whole trying to shop with toddlers hanging all over the cart has never been an issue for me, but if you want grocery shopping to be one less hassle for you, I strongly suggest checking out this awesome feature Schnucks has to offer.

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