Whatever the deal is with the labor market doesn't look like it's ending relatively soon.

Hearing news about businesses experiencing staffing challenges (a.k.a staff shortage) is like listening to a record skip, over, and over, and over.

We know the unemployment stimulus package ended a few weeks ago, and now the question is when will people get back to work?


Another reason for the challenging labor market is because of companies recruiting future employees with sign-on bonuses, competitive wages, bonus structures, and more.

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This MarketWatch article says many Americans who were unemployed during the pandemic aren't rushing back to work. They're not biting at the first job opportunity that comes their way.

So many industries are experiencing the challenges that come with a lack of employees, which means consumers are affected more and more.

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Have you noticed any grocery items you buy regularly not being available anymore? One of my coworkers told me the boxed apple juice she normally buys for her kids is out of stock at a bunch of different grocery stores.

It could be missing from the shelf for a few reasons.

  • The company that makes the product is lacking staff to operate machines.
  • The store is behind on getting all inventory to shelves in a timely matter.
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It's easy to point fingers when you don't know what is happening behind the scenes of the business, which is why a chain of grocery stores is being candid about why they are changing their hours, effective October 4, 2021.

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Schnucks announced the changes this week, due to "the challenging labor market as well as evolving customer shopping patterns."

Schnucks stores throughout Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin will observe new daily operating hours of 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Deli, meat, and the seafood department service counters will be open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily.

Read their full announcement here.

Let's take a minute to remember some of the Rockford-area stores we wish would have never left.

... and how about the stores we all wish would open in Rockford?

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