If there was ever a time to share your blessings and generosity, this is it.

If you are blessed with a constant paycheck during COVID-19, share a little with those in need.

If you have more time than money,volunteer some of that time to The Salvation Army of Winnebago County as a bell ringer this holiday season.

I know what you're thinking, it's only mid-September, why are we talking about the Red Kettle fundraising campaign already? The answer is; because 2020 and COVID-19 suck.

Seriously though, The Salvation Army of Winnebago County normally kicks off their Red Kettle Campaign at Thanksgiving, but because so many people are struggling, they are beginning the fundraiser two months earlier.

Funds raised during this virtual Red Kettle campaign go for a whole lot more than buying Christmas presents for families in need. It will help provide coats for those that need it. It will provide meals and essential supplies for every day life. It will even help provide home and shelter for those that have found themselves without one.

The Salvation Army of Winnebago County is also encouraging groups and organizations to create a team fundraiser for the Virtual Red Kettle Campaign, which you can do now, here.

Please do what you can to help others in need this holiday season. It may be the only shining light we have to rely on as we kiss this awful year goodbye!

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