According to Neighborhood Scout, Rockford is the 12th most dangerous city to live in. That is really saying something. Especially considering that Chicago ranks 55th. Gun violence in the city has become more than a national debate as of late. To think Rockford is that far ahead of Chicago on this list is kinda scary to say the least.

Glass half full? Not all neighborhoods in Rockford are dangerous to live in. One cool thing about the list, Neighborhood Scout published, happens when you click the city. It gives you a break down of each neighborhood in the area. After checking, I feel a lot better about the neighborhood I work in.


I was thinking about getting a place downtown when I move closer to the station, but unfortunately, that seems to be the epicenter of crime in the area. You can see it looks like a horseshoe surrounding downtown almost. I guess I'll be comparing this graphic to all the different locations that pop up in my rent apps.

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