Well, now I am completely bummed and officially over this COVID-19 pandemic. Although I totally understand why this decision had to be made by Starlight Theatre and the powers that be at Rock Valley College, I am totally dreading telling my six-year-old daughter that ANOTHER thing she was looking forward to this summer has been cancelled.

Let me just break it to you straight; Starlight Theatre has cancelled their 2020 summer productions, and will now be doing the scheduled shows in 2021.

Here's the complete statement from Starlight...

If any parents have advice on how to tell a very confused six-year-old that she will have to wait another year to see Ariel live, that won't cause a full-scale meltdown, I am all ears.
To be completely clear, I am not mad at Starlight for making this decision. In the interest of safety, this is the only choice they could make no matter how bad it sucks. I am a little mad at everyone in this world that thinks social distancing is not something to take seriously. I get it, social distancing IS THE WORST. All I want to do right now is get together with my parents and friends for some beers and playdates, but it's becoming abundantly clear that social distancing is the most effective way to contain the COVID-19 spread.

I don't want to run off on a tangent here, but I do want to say this; even if you think this whole pandemic is a bunch of BS, please be respectful that millions of other people in this world do not. If we don't make a real effort to social distance, more and more fun will continue to be cancelled, returning to normalcy will take even longer, businesses will go under, and people will continue to die.

None of that is ok with me, and I truly hope it is not ok with you either.

PLEASE stay home and help keep everyone safe!

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