My heart is broken over how much my oldest daughter Ella, who started kindergarten this year, is missing out on with the 2019/2020 school year being cut short thanks to COVID-19. Honestly, I feel like she got jipped, but I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just selfishly bitter. I can only imagine the heartache that the Class of 2020 and their parents must feel right now, but I truly hope they realize that RPS 205 is doing everything they can to give Seniors the moments that they have worked so hard to get to.

On Monday Rockford Public Schools announced that virtual graduation ceremonies will take place for all high schools in their district, and that they will be fully accessible to the public via several different channels...

RPS 205 has also tentatively rescheduled Prom dates and locations for all high schools in the district, but they are stressing the fate of the events is still up in the air depending on what happens with Illinois' COVID-19 situation. The tentative dates and locations are:

  • Jefferson: July 11 at Tebala Event Center
  • East: July 24 at Klehm Arboretum
  • Auburn: July 25 at Cliffbreakers
  • Guilford: July 31 at Forest Hills Country Club

Obviously, virtual graduation ceremonies are not ideal, and a few RPS 205 parents have asked why in-person prom dates have been scheduled for later this summer, and the same has not been done for graduation ceremonies. Here is the response RPS 205 gave via Facebook;

We wanted to make sure all our students and their achievements are celebrated in some way. If restrictions are lifted, each high school will host an event later this summer for graduates to gather at school in their cap and gown to take pictures. This would be in addition to the virtual ceremony. If prom is canceled, there's no good virtual option.

Keep the faith, Class of 2020!

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