This year marked the first Mother's Day that Joey Feek was not alive for. And to commemorate the heartbreaking event, Rory Feek took to his personal blog to share a few words as to what the day without his wife means to him.

Before Joey and Rory officially became a duet, Rory was busy raising two daughters of his own as a single father and trying to make a name for himself in the country music world, he explains in a blog post titled 'Happy Mother's Day, Dad.' In this piece, he admits that this lead to some shortcomings as a father, but resulted in one of his most prized possessions: a pottery piece from his daughter that read "happy mothers day dad."

Feek explains what it was like to be a single father to two young girls before his wife came along. When the couple officially became married, he was hoping for the chance to do fatherhood again, and that dream became a reality when Joey gave birth to their baby girl, Indiana.

"For years after Joey and I got married, I dreamed that God might bless her and me with a baby. A baby that we could love and cherish and raise together," he writes. "So when Indiana came along, it was a dream come true in more ways than most people know. But then life happened."

The Joey & Rory singer goes on to explain that when his wife's diagnosis was confirmed, she was most distraught about the fact that she was about to leave Rory to raise their daughter as a single father again.

"I remember her tears falling and her saying, ‘I don’t want you to have to raise a child again by yourself… it’s not fair,'" he says. "Though I was worried about the reality of what was probably in our future, I tried to smile as I wiped Joey’s tears and said, 'it’s okay honey ... now we know why God chose me to be with you.' I realized then that God knew what was in store and all those years by myself with the girls was Him preparing me for the job of caring for Indiana."

"Though my beautiful wife sleeps in a bed of clover behind our farmhouse, we still celebrate her on this special day and lift her up and give her flowers," Feek furthers. "This is not my day. It is hers. Joey loved being a mother more than anything else in the world.  And she is still Indy’s mama. And Heidi’s and Hopie’s."

Though the family is sad to be incomplete in Joey's absence, Rory realizes how lucky he is, too, because his late wife made him a father again.

"Thank you for the beautiful gift my love," he concludes. "Happy Mothers Day, Joey."

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