As we look forward to a new year, it's moments like these we actually hope to see repeat themselves in 2021.

So many businesses have pivoted this year, whether that meant closing up in March when the Pandemic hit, changing to curbside pick-up and online ordering or whatever it may be.

One of those businesses is K. Paige in Roscoe, Brooke, the owner, decided to move her boutique online as we move into 2021.

Yesterday, she was clearing out the store when she had the most incredible experience.

She shared it on Facebook.

“Acts of Kindness”. This weighed on me last night while I was packing up the Shop. It’s been a crazy year and the last...

Posted by K. Paige on Tuesday, December 29, 2020


It would probably be easier to find this man if he had a more unique name, but maybe you know a John who would do this.


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