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No "White Christmas" but snow is on the way, Rockford. WREX

A "Winter Storm Watch" is in effect for Winnebago County, Tuesday. The weather man has us getting anywhere from 4-7" of the white stuff beginning Tuesday afternoon and going through Wednesday morning. But wait, there's more...Temps will be dropping and we will get some ice as well.

This "watch" also covers Boone and Ogle Counties. This of course will lead to some nasty driving conditions Tuesday afternoon and beyond. Roads will pretty much suck and they are also calling for 30 mph winds along with the heavy and wet snow.

Limit travel of Tuesday night, if possible. If you do have to be out, check this out:

There's a lot that goes into "snow" driving. If you have lived in this area for a while, you know what I'm talking about. Here are some key things to staying safe on the snow covered roads:

  • Oversteer/Understeer - Are you able to control your vehicle on snowy roads?
  • Turning - First and most of all, slow down
  • Braking - Easy on the pedal. No sudden slams or taps on brakes
  • Accelerating - This is a lot like the brakes, same concept
  • Put it All Together - Give yourself space between cars. Lights on, take your time, and look ahead. Don't focus so hard on what is directly in front of you. 



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