Sam's Club is known for selling the biggest sizes of anything you can imagine.

Well add one more to the list to fulfill all your pumpkin needs. As all stores, including Rockford, are offering a giant pumpkin cheesecake.

If you love pumpkin and you love cheesecake then this is right up your alley.

All Sam's Clubs are offering a 72 ounce pumpkin cheesecake. Wow! That is huge.

According to Delish.comthe massive cheesecake "weighs about 4 pounds and, as you might expect, features almost double the number of slices of the typical cheesecake (14, compared to 8 — unless you've got a stingy friend who can cut even a 6-inch treat into 48 slivers). It's a dense, New York-style cheesecake swirled with pumpkin and ringed with whipped cream on top. And, of course, there's a thick, graham cracker crust on the bottom, because it wouldn't be a proper cheesecake without it."

OMG... Grab a fork. This is too good to not just dig into with your friends.

However, if you want to be a little more civilized, while in store, go pick up some bulk boxes of plastic forks and paper plates then sit down to an awesome dessert.

Can you say yum!




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