Some of the most popular holiday gifts in 2020 are devices like Amazon Echos and Instant Pots, but in Rockford, we go old school.

Like, way old school.

No idea how this was chosen as Illinois' most popular holiday gift because at no point in 2020, no matter how much time I sat at home doing nothing, did I want a Kids' Sewing Kit.

Yep, you read that right. A Kids' Sewing Kit was Illinois' most popular holiday gift for 2020.


Nothing against sewing or kids attempting to learn to sew, but when Wisconsin's most popular holiday gift is a Fitbit, and while people in Mississippi want an Apple Watch I'm wondering how this happened.

Illinois is also one of the few states where a kid's gift was the most popular. We share that distinction with Nebraska.

Maybe it's just me but when it comes to Christmas, hit me with all the electronics I can handle. Smart speakers, video games, watches, tablets, headphones, cameras, and TVs.

So what's on your wishlist for 2020? Is it something like a kid's sewing kit? An Apple Watch, smart speaker, or something else altogether? Tell us!

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