There's an easy way to find out what the most popular costumes will be for Halloween this year AND a helpful tool in deciding on a costume idea.

Before we get to Google's fancy new tool, check out Rockford's most searched costumes.

5. LEGO related: which is also the 80th most popular costume in the United States. I would have guessed higher.

4. Fortnite:  The #1 most searched costume idea... no surprise there. Get ready to witness countless breakout floss dances.

3. Black Panther: this is #23 most searched.

2. Cruella De Vil: The 82nd most popular costume in the U.S.A., so there's that.

1. Clowns: The 11th most searched costume in the country.

You can find the most searched costumes in the country or get ideas based on trends and "spookiness" level with Google's Frightgeist.

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