Turn on your TV or set your DVR, Rockford's first talk show debuts at 5:30pm tonight on FOX39. 

Have any plans tonight? Around 5:30pm? Well, even if you do, set your DVR so you don't miss the premiere episode of Good Day Stateline at 5:30pm on FOX39.

I know you're thinking... wait isn't Good Day Stateline already on? Well, it was. It was on for 140 Sundays at 9am on WTVO, until yesterday when GDS... and well we... said goodbye to Sundays and tonight we get to say hello to Monday!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

I've been hosting Good Day Stateline, GDS, since January 2019 and we are officially moving from an hour long Sunday show to a 30 minute long weeknight show tonight and we're super excited to show you every thing we've been working on!

From top celeb stories in our Insta-chat segment right at 5:30pm to local businesses popping on to tell us all of the cool things happening in their world, plus daily segments you're going to love: Let's Try It! on Mondays, Tuesday Trends, Game Day on Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Friday's 'Spirit Day.'

Get this, our first week's theme is: Music Week!

So guess who else will be on the show? Sweet Lenny and Producer MJ! This Wednesday they are joining us for Music GDS-eopardy! We'll see who knows the most about music between the three of us.

I'd love to have you join me tonight and every night at 5:30pm on FOX39, see ya then!

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