Rockford is jumping into the future with a new store, the first of its kind in the area.

The store, Three Square Self-Pay Market, sells soft drinks, snacks, etc. It has just about everything you would find in a convenience store, except for a cashier. It's a do-it-yourself store. It's similar to a self-checkout you would find at Target, including the camera in your face. Owners aren't worried about shoplifters, according to the store's Customer Service Manager.

We do have 24-hour security and [shoppers will] be able to see themselves in the camera. There is someone there that can interact with them and ask questions. (

The process is super easy.

... take the item, scan it, select the payment method, insert a debit card, and scan the item to deactivate the security tag.

This will serve its purpose for mall shopper or employees that want an option outside of the food court.

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