Sometimes leftovers are even better than when the food is first cooked. Pizza, for instance, is much better the next day. What did Rockford pick for their favorite day-old food?

Earlier this week I shared my favorite late night snack. Now it's time to talk about leftovers.

Obviously pizza is my favorite - even if it's cold, but what did people around town choose? Chili and lasagna topped this list, although there's no wrong answer.

Rockford's Favorite Day-Old Food

  • Mig Mora and Marnie D. said chili. Marnie also mentioned pizza, making us BFFs.
  • Marnie's husband Mike said "anything my wife cooks. Well played.
  • Anna B. and Savanah F. like day-old Shogun.
  • Mari T. says refrigerated cake with buttercream icing, and she's spot on.
  • Melissa E. and Nicole L. enjoy day old lasagna.
  • Krissy K. said day old salsa. If you know anyone that makes homemade salsa you know what she's talking about.

Don't forget to let me know what you're favorite leftover is. Go ahead and drop me an email or leave a comment.

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